Scott, Amber, and… an alligator?

October 19, 2009 at 8:10 pm (greek)

(The Independent Florida Alligator, that is…)

By Gaia Bonini

Nearly 500 people stood in line on the first floor of the UF Bookstore to meet Scott Michael Foster and Amber Stevens, stars of the ABC Family show “Greek” Friday.

The co-stars who play Cappie and Ashleigh were in Gainesville through Homecoming weekend to promote ABC Family’s new Pledge Yourself to Do Something campaign, which encourages students to volunteer for organizations in their community.

The actors visit to UF marked the first stop the campaign has made outside of California, where the series is filmed.

The tour has not yet been scheduled, but dates and venues are being booked, said Amy Maloney, manager of media relations for ABC Family.

The series shows the lives of a group of college students in fraternities and sororities at the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University.

“Our viewers are young,” Maloney said. “So we want to create a generation of doers.”

“Not a generation of don’t-ers,” Foster added.

The campaign supports all volunteer efforts but endorses three national organizations in particular: Girls Inc., Global Green USA and Cancer for College.

“We’re all working together for the campaign,” Stevens said. “But each house on the show has pledged one of the charities.”

The show’s members of Zeta Beta Zeta Sorority are working with Girls Inc.

The first step of the campaign was filming public service announcements for the charity, which focuses on empowering young girls and getting them on the right track for life, Stevens said.

Foster and the other boys in the fictional Kappa Tau fraternity on the show, have chosen to work with Cancer for College, a scholarship foundation that helps send cancer survivors to college.

The boys have joined actor Will Ferrell to support the foundation, which awards more than $250,000 a year to college-aged cancer survivors.

The signing lasted more than an hour and a half, and Foster and Stevens smiled, chatted and thanked each student who came through the line for coming to the event.

Foster, wringing his hands after signing more than 500 promotional fliers and taking nearly as many pictures with fans, sat down with his co-star and a fruit plate to relax for a bit before being ushered to their next campus stop: Gator Growl.

The pair had a weekend full of Homecoming activities planned ending with a flight home to Los Angeles, returning to another 70-hour work week today.

“Our lives are really not so different than any other kids,” Foster said.”We just work instead of going to school, but we go through all the same issues.”

Stevens agreed.

“We may not be up all night studying for the next physics final, but we’re up all night running lines,” she said


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