What did I do this week?

October 27, 2009 at 7:27 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So, I’m going to try and keep up with a weekly blog. Here’s my first entry:

I worked a lot this week. Managed to cram in fifty hours of work
in three days! On top of all that, I had four different parties to go
to. First off, I went to The Cat & Fiddle on Sunset in Hollywood for
Georgie’s, (Jake’s girlfriend) birthday/return home from London party.
We sort of had a flash mob surprise party for her. We had a lot of
fun. How can you not have fun at an Irish pub though, I mean really..
My Uncle and Alfredo threw a carnival party where everyone dresses in
Brazilian attire. Hung out with my cousin, Brandon and his wife Carol
as well as my cousin Michael. We all went to the last weekend of the
Knitting Factory in Hollywood, saw some really awesome bands. Oh and I
ended up going to Jones on Santa Monica with Brandon, Carol and
Michael, as well as some of the guys from my band, Siren’s Eye. I was
able to fit in a good session of kick boxing, which officially topped
off my week with an ass kicking!

I’ve been really interested in learning about the moon, and our solar
system lately. Been reading a lot online about NASA’s Ares
Project and the possibility of life on Gliese 581. This has
been my weekly fascination.

For Halloween, I’m excited about dressing up as Clyde from Bonnie and
Clyde. Oh, there’ll be pictures. Will follow up next week! Everyone
have an awesome Halloween!


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