Halloween and Pizza

November 14, 2009 at 11:13 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I worked a lot this week, as always. Probably close to 40 hours. It was good though. For Halloween, I dressed as Clyde from Bonnie and Clyde. A bunch of us went to Shin, this awesome Korean BBQ restaurant that I love and stayed until 2 am.  Afterward, we went to Greek producer, Shawn Piller’s house and played poker.  It was quite a night! Sunday, I just took it easy and went and got some gluten free pizza at Lucifer’s restaurant. I was amazed at how good it was. Gluten free pizza crust is hard to make! My favorite is pepperoni, sauce, cheese, peppers, pineapple, spices and spinach.  I also dropped by Pinkberry to have some frozen yogurt. Oh, yeah, and I managed to fit another kick boxing in this week as well.



  1. patricia said,

    hey scott, I’m sorry talk to you like out of nowhere. Not know you and I end up looking just like one of the fans .. unfortunately, it is not so I wanted to look like hahaha
    I will not say that I love you because not even know you personally to know, but I can say that I admire your work.
    Me wonder if you have any e-mail that I can talk to you .. honestly do not really like twitter, facebook or anything else like that. You remind me of a person who really liked that marked much of my life.
    I know you’re busy and all, when I was doing theater too badly led a social life right unless they were dating, offstage of course hahaha
    I’m sure that had my e-mail will have thousands and indeed this one is not your truth, but if you read or anyone else, please send me at least a “Hi, I read your mail “or else refer you to the e-mail scott .. anything ..
    Do not worry, I’m not one of those crazy fans who want to grab hahaha I’m normal and I know that you are dating, I respect that .. up because I’m also fine with my heart.
    well, that’s it ..
    if you can add me. patricia.sparks @ hotmail.com
    ah, forgot to say, my name is Patricia and I live in Brazil:)

  2. Monique said,

    Wow, you’re really managing to keep up with this weekly update thing, hahaha, i am a uni student and work as well and i don’t even usually have time to respond to emails, let alone give weekly updates (except for right now when procrastinating about assignments and deciding that watching a Greek marathon is far more productive than reading those twenty reference books could possible be at this point, ha) anyhow, it was a very ambitious promise, glad you’re keeping busy though, it means they haven’t cancelled the show and you’re hopefully working your ass off (I’m Australian and we are at like season two over here, if its not a mainstream show we are so far behind that usually we don’t know a show has been cancelled until three years later when we finally catch up to the last season, haha, so its good to know there’s a few more season to go of Greek at least:). Thats it, just wanted to crack wise that you’re weekly updates lasted like a week, its all paved with good intentions, Okay, these assignments aren’t gonna do themselves. Bye

  3. hannah said,

    Please, get a twitter to talk with ur fans ‘-‘

    (oh, i live at brasil too *oooooooo* /\)

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