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January 23, 2010 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been a long winter break for fans of ABC Family’s ‘Greek.’ When we last left Cyprus Rhodes, our favorite ZBZ sisters were feeling guilty over possibly burning down rival sorority Gamma Psi’s house; nerdy BFFs Rusty and Dale were on the outs after competition for a research prize drove a battling-robot-sized wedge between them, and fraternities Omega Chi and Kappa Tau were once again at war after a prank gone wrong resulted in three KTs being expelled.

Want to know how it all turns out? You’ll have to tune in Jan. 25 at the show’s new 10PM time slot to find out for sure, but in the meantime, check out AOL Television’s exclusive visit to the ‘Greek’ set to see what’s in store for the coming season, as we get the dirt from all your favorite brothers and sisters. Spoilerphobes, beware!

The big news this season is the long-awaited reunion between Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) — after years of will they, won’t they, the star-crossed couple are finally on the same page, but how long will they stay that way?

“Coming back, it’s all about the excitement of being back together — it feels new and yet familiar,” said Scott Michael Foster of his character’s rekindled romance, after making his grand entrance to our interview singing ‘Jingle Bells’ (it was the week before Christmas). “But there’s things that they have to work out, things that they didn’t resolve — like, what are their plans for the future? So you’re gonna see them get into that, and figure out how to work that out.”

Spencer Grammer agreed that it won’t be plain sailing for our favorite couple. “They’re trying to figure out if it really works outside of college or just in college,” she said. “Casey’s always been very driven, very focused on the future, but Cappie loves college and loves being in Kappa Tau, so it’s hard for him to be on the same wavelength as she is.”

As well as facing hurdles in regards to their future, Casey has to face one particular, dreaded moment that comes in every couple’s lives; meeting her partner’s parents.

“They’re they’re kind of these really hippie, hippie people who are free loving and never really got married and [Casey] finds out that they’re just the same as Cappie,” Grammer noted during a break from filming. “Of course, he totally thinks that’s great, that’s the way it should be, which is very different from Casey’s idea of what the future holds for them.”

Greek on ABC Family with Spencer GrammerThe cameras and lights were being broken down around us, turning a quiet and secluded spot into a building zone. “This is the hardest interview I’ve ever had to do!” she laughed, but still managed to answer every question with grace.

Foster was full of praise for his on-screen parents, played by ‘Caroline in the City’ starLea Thompson and Jim Abele, who descend on CRU to help Casey and Cappie with their relationship troubles — via a camping trip! “They were both a pleasure to work with and it was a good episode,” he said. “It wasn’t just ‘here are the parents’; the story also had a lot of depth for Cappie’s character, so it was fun to shoot.”

In addition to their burgeoning relationship, both Casey and Cappie will struggle with deeper issues this season; the former with the fallout from the Gamma Psi fire, and the latter with the aftermath of Omega Chi’s betrayal, which resulted in three of our favorite Kappa Taus being expelled.

“Obviously, [the KTs] are a little pissed,” Foster explained wryly. “I don’t think it would’ve been as big of a deal if his brothers didn’t get expelled, but I think that set it over the edge and that was it, there’s no going back from this point. The rivalry’s back on and I don’t know if there’s gonna be a Cappie/Evan relationship in the future — it seemed like the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Evan’s hilarious and far less brooding alter-ego, Jake McDorman, was slightly more optimistic. Sort of. “They’re f***ed!” he laughed when he stopped by for a chat after completing a brief but intense scene with Casey and Rusty (Jacob Zachar). “They’re probably not as f***ed as bad as the first time, because that was over a girl, and I feel like this is guy stuff and house stuff and they both know that they gotta do what they gotta do. I think Cappie’s more upset out of disappointment than betrayal, which still cuts deep, but is easier to mend over time.”

On the camaraderie between himself and his castmate, McDorman said, “No one’s more upset about the fall out than me and Scott Michael Foster. We were having a blast — we were gettin’ suited up in robes, just a couple of guys in dark robes and a creepy dungeon; sounds like a great Friday night!”

Jake McDormanLast season, everyone’s favorite trust-fund kid faced a wake-up call when he severed ties with his parents and tried to survive without Daddy’s bank account, which resulted in a lot of friction between Evan and his privileged Omega Chi brothers. “I think he knows that [the prank] bought him some time, but he’s still got to make a conscious effort, now more than ever without the money,” McDorman said. “He can’t just buy a sick party anymore to impress them. I think it keeps him on his toes a little bit to know that the house can mutiny that quickly.”

Despite the rivalry with Kappa Tau and his tenuous position as house president, McDorman thought Evan will be in a much better place emotionally this season than he was last year: “Evan starts to think about how his actions will impact other people and not just himself. He’s maturing. That’s the three M’s of Evan, Maturing, Money and Moody.”

He’s also due for some luck in the romance department, as Evan’s flirtation with Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) finally leads to something solid, now that they’re both single. “She was raised as a senator’s daughter, so she not only understands, she can sympathize with his decisions and certain things that other people who didn’t come from money can’t really identify with,” McDorman said.

(But judging by the scene being filmed during my visit, Rebecca is up to her old tricks, and might still be having difficulty sticking to one man …)

McDorman wouldn’t confirm or deny Rebecca’s cheating ways, coyly hinting, “They have a rollercoaster relationship; it’s like anyone who dates Evan on this show.”

It seems like romance is in the air this season; even nerdy Rusty will be getting in on the act. “He’s going to get a little love triangle of his own,” Jacob Zachar revealed. “He’s just trying to find someone relatable on a social scale as well as on a school level now, so both of the girls that he ends up dating are very intelligent, and have the same interests as he does.”

But his bromance with Bible-basher Dale (Clark Duke) might have come to an abrupt end after last year’s grant competition. “Yeah, [we don’t have] too many scenes together this season, I know we settle it pretty early and move on from it, but you’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

Those ‘Greek’ kids were stingy with their spoilers! We managed to wheedle a little information from Zachar regarding a certain “Geek Auction” taking place in episode three. “Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) tries to touch up the way I look and give me a makeover — she buys me new clothes. That’s one of the highlights of Rusty trying to get a girl; what happens when you change your appearance and how you behave?” Forget makeovers, we like Rusty just the way he is — adorkable!

Evan and Rusty have always had an uncomfortable relationship — since a certain pledge paddle incident — and in the scene Zachar, Grammer and McDorman were shooting for the penultimate episode of the season, it seemed that things will still be icy between them, both because of their history, and because of their houses. “Throughout the season’s entirety, the rivalry between KT and Omega Chi is the main storyline,” Zachar said. “Underneath everything, they’re still planning a way to get back at [Omega Chi], and that will come to a head in the finale.”

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; there are nine episodes to go before the finale, and in the first episode back, the Gamma Psi girls do what any house would do in a bad situation — throw a party, with a distinctly fairytale theme.

Look forward to some development between Rusty’s other BFF, Calvin [Paul James], and his super-cute but super-closeted Omega Chi boyfriend, Grant [Gregory Michael], as well as more ZBZ drama as the girls attempt to cover up the evidence of their presence in the Gamma Psi house before the fire. Throw in Casey’s shocking revelation to Pan-Hellenic rep Katherine and it’s looking like one hell of a season when ‘Greek’ returns this Monday at 10 on ABC Family. Will you be watching?


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