About Scott Michael Foster

Scott was born in Winfield, IL and grew up in various parts of
Illinois and Indiana. After moving to Texas at the age of 12, He
attended Briarhill Middle School and discovered his love of acting.
Scott performed in many of the plays and musicals at Marcus High
School, most often cast as one of the lead roles. After graduating
early in 2002, he attended the acclaimed Quad C college in Plano, TX
with a focus on acting classes the first two semesters.

Scott realized that if he was ever to discover if acting would take him anywhere, he needed to pursue it in Los Angeles. Within a relatively short time, he was working exclusively as an actor. He plays the party frat boy,
Cappie in ABC Family’s Greek, working with actress, Spencer Grammer.
Scott has stayed busy off the Greek set, as well.   Between several commercials and independent films, he has already had a great start to his acting career.  You can see Scott as Jed in Quarterlife, and in guest appearances on such shows as The Game and Women’s Murder Club. Scott also plays locally in the Los Angeles area with his band, Siren’s Eye.


1 Comment

  1. Lizzy said,

    i was wondering what does cappie mean? and do u have a real name on greek?
    also I LOVE YOU.

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