FAQ With Scott

Questions You Always Had About Scott- Answered.

Some favorites:

Food:  My Dad’s Famous Ribs

Drink: Gluten-Free Fox Barrel Cider

Color: Blue

Hollywood Hotspot: Hollywood Billiards

Movie: The Ten Commandments (1956)

Actor/Actress: So many to choose from! uh….Robert Downey Jr.? i’ll
think of more.

Restaurant: “Local” Silverlake, CA

Musician: Matthew Bellamy (Muse)

Place to vacation: “Post Ranch Inn” Big Sur, CA

Book: The Hatchet

Car: Tesla Roadster

Holiday: Christmas! of course…

Way to spend time with family: Playing Euchre

Sport: Racquetball

How About Some Firsts?:

Kiss: I was 12 watching Titanic in theatres. it was terrible

Girlfriend: Rachel Trinidad

Car: 1997  Red Saturn SL2

Drink: Wine?

Job: Chinese Restaurant “Cafe 407” in Flower Mound, TX

Random Questions:

Are there any teachers that inspired you growing up?
Just my parents!

What is your most memorable experience, good or bad?
When my niece was born.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
George W. Bush and Keith Olberman. Just to see the fireworks…

What shocks or surprises you, either good or bad?
Extreme Body Modifications like piercings. That stuff is crazy!

What celebrity do people think you look like?
Papa Smurf of course

What do you like to do in your down time?
Add new music to my itunes or playing pool

Recommendations for Restaurants, Hotels and Bars in

Dallas: Palios Pizza, Sneaky Pete’s Bar

Los Angeles: LALA’s Argentine cafe, The Drawing Room Dive Bar, The
Mondrian Hotel

New York. Gramercy Park Hotel
Frequently asked questions from fans:

Are you single?
– Happily taken.

Are there any future projects that might interest you, like movies or
putting out a cd for your band?
– Currently working on releasing an album in early 2010 with Siren’s Eye!

Will Siren’s Eye go on tour anytime soon?
– Trying to setup a college tour with abcfamily for Siren’s Eye to be
a part of. Hopefully start a tour simultaneously with the album
release. Basically, Siren’s Eye would tour with Greek on a college
tour similar to the ones previously done with “Declare Yourself” and
“Do Something” organizations.


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